About Shoestring Marketing

Shoestring Marketing was born out of a deep desire to share our insights and specialised experience with our clients as a way for them to fast-track their growth. 

We believe that marketing is a formula, which involves experimenting with different tools to see what gets traction. Unfortunately most businesses will spend a lot of money figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Achieving traction is half the battle – the next part of the equation is to monitor, optimise and scale your activities. That’s where we come in. With over a decade of strategic experience with Startups and SMEs, we know which mix of activities will suit your business, and will match those activities to meet your objectives. 

Forget about wasting your budget on testing and go straight to what works. We’ll save you paying thousands of dollars per month on agency account fees where you’re not in control, and we’ll show you how to maximise your profits and sustain them over time.

You can think of us as your marketing sherpas. Would you prefer to climb Mount Everest alone or with someone who has done it a hundred times and know all the tips and tricks to get you where you want to go quickly and safely?

Emma Hoffman

Emma Hoffman

Emma is a well-respected serial entrepreneur and marketing specialist. As a Founder with several successful exits under her belt, she was named as one of the “Top 50 Australian Female Entrepreneurs Under 40”, has been a Telstra Women’s Business Awards Finalist and has had her startups listed in the ‘Smart100’.

Emma has 10+ years experience running and consulting early-stage startups throughout a plethora of industries such as health and wellness, fitness, beauty, blockchain, cryptocurrency, SaaS, sharing economy models, infrastructure, cyber security, ad networks and much more. 

If you ask her “why startup marketing strategies?” she’ll tell you how she loves the potential a startup has in its early stages. The endless opportunity, the sink or swim, the adrenaline, the rollercoaster of failures and successes along the way. She believes that business and marketing are chaotic, fast-moving beasts that she loves to tame. There is no one more qualified to ride the startup wave with than Emma. 

David Graber

David is pretty quirky.  He’s always thinking about creative solutions and exploring new angles to achieve results. David has been a senior government lawyer in the charity sector, a cryptocurrency strategist, a salesman, an Amazon seller and is now pitching a show he created to Netflix.

‘The Ability Crew’ is an animated comedy TV series about animal pirates with disabilities. It’s part of a long term strategy to create a marketing platform focused on people with a disability using characters from the TV series. Each character has a different disability and is therefore able to engage very effectively with the target audience. It’s also a unique opportunity to provide a voice to people with a disability which is a passion of his. 

These are some of the ‘out of the box’ solutions we’ve come to expect from David and we’re sure your organisation will benefit from his creative ideas and ‘lawyer-like’ attention to detail. 

David is always looking for his next challenge and loves sinking his teeth into new businesses and learning about new industries. You’ll be surprised and delighted with what Shoestring Marketing can do for your business.

David Graber

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